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Challenge creation

Usage tutorial by ThePCbreakers (Polish)

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  1. So I open the cheat window and try to click on a box to turn on the cheat and it dose nothing (it dose not put a check in the box) any idea why with mite be happning

  2. For some reason it just shows a blank screen kind of gray whenever i load it up no game just a blank, gray screen. PLEASE HELP

  3. I would like to know how to get out of arena. I got END (defeat chest with blue babay) and now every time I start the game it starts normaly than it changes into some sort of arena. How can I disable that?

  4. PL – Czesc, ostatnio zainstalowaƂem spidermoda wlaczylem ale pojawia mi sie szary ekran, na drugim kompie z winXP dziala normalnie

    EN – Hello, recently installed a spider mod turned on but I am getting a gray screen on a second computer with winXP operate normally

  5. I Need Help On Using It In The First Place.When I Downloaded It And I Opened The Folder It Had Nothing In It. *HELP PLEASE*

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