Survival mode 1.3.1 update

Updated survival mode:

  • Fixed miniboss/boss drops
  • Fixed secret room bomb out
  • Added coins as drops
  • Added shop items
  • Changed the new wave start to bomb key
  • Removed the glitched hopper-trite
  • Some bug fixes
  • You can die now with respawn items
  • Added wave display
  • Merged item pools + miniboss drops with reset when there are less than 5 in the pool


  • Removed some unnecessary items from pool
  • Fixed pool merge
  • Fixed explosive diarrhea
  • Fixed time ticking when in picking mode
  • Added trinket and cards to spawn
  • Fixed unlocking doors with keys
  • Some more door fixes


7 thoughts on “Survival mode 1.3.1 update

  1. How do I get the update with Adam and the Max pieces? When I click on 1.3.1 to install, and it leads me to drop box it says error 404 and I can’t download it. Where’s a link I can download it at? I have a Mac btw.

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