Survival mode 1.2 update

Updated survival mode:

  • Removed teleport item from pool
  • Hooked teleport so there should be no way to teleport
  • New method to not allow player to exit through the door
  • Counter for time and enemies
  • Removed minimap
  • Added global pause
  • Added familiar drops on wave end


8 thoughts on “Survival mode 1.2 update

  1. Well this happened during survival mode with Maggy.

    I’m not exactly sure why but I think both bosses spawned at the same time and the eyes just kept spawning. The hang man card should have nothing to do with it I just popped that after it happened. My Maggie is Guppy and has the Nail as a spacebar item.

  2. So, I’ve been playing this all night long (very good work with the mod :D), and got veery far (Time 1700 or so) The problem is that the game stopped giving me new items and it kept spawning krampus. I got to a point where I had 8 or 9 pedestals because of the lump of coal drops and it was veeery laggy cause I had 5 bodies (used the shears a couple times), peeper eye or whatever is called, large tears, quadshot… Is there any way in this current spider mod version for me to clean the pedestals?
    If not, It would be good If you added a way to do it, or just make the game itself to clean empty pedestals every… 100 seconds, maybe?
    Srry for the long test, just wanted to help 🙂 keep the mod up, it have a lot of potential 😀

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