SpiderMod 0.9 Released

SpiderMod 0.9 Released

Main features are:

  • Almost everything is seeded.
  • In Game item description (provided by Elucidate)
  • Boss presets for floor editor
  • Fractional HP on hit (hp/maxhp) information.
  • 2 saves!
  • Spawn game objects

Check the Changelog for full info.

Go to Download section and have fun.

90 thoughts on “SpiderMod 0.9 Released

  1. hey i downloaded the mod just fine but i dont know how to get my wrath of the lamb save file to work ive move the serial.txt and the so.sol files but its not working can i get some help plz?

        • are you on laptop?
          try also to disable vector resize (window -> vector resize)
          also to lower the quality (right click -> quality -> …)

          • nope, regular PC – it should handle it (64 bit, 8GB memory, 4 cores).

            i unchecked the rendering and it’s a bit better (still not the best).

            i’m on low quality and nothing is checked besides fullscreen.


  2. my friend told me about this mod and he downloaded it but he does not have a real copy only a fake one from a website so I want to know what will happen to him?

  3. I cant open it. when I try to open it a window accurs and it says “class didnt specified” (I though because error was in my language). so help me sempai :'(

  4. Hey I got the spidermod working, but I cannot find the item “Daddy’s Love” (The Daddy Longlegs item) anywhere. Is this a bug or was it not included?

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