SpiderMod 0.9.1 Released

SpiderMod 0.9.1 Released

Main features are:

  • Added support for AS2 plugins
  • 2 new cheats
  • Added some plugins

Check the Changelog for full info.

Go to Download section and have fun.

63 thoughts on “SpiderMod 0.9.1 Released

  1. I’ve got a problem, the grey screen of “death”, no problem on W7, but i can’t play it on W8, don’t know what to do

    flash player for IE updated :/

    pd: i love this mode and the vs mode, also, you are working on rebirth, right? that’s nice 😀

  2. So, I love this patch, especially the multiplayer…
    However, 3 player doesn’t work in multiplayer and if possible I would like it to happen.
    It seems to be a similar thing to the 3 sac daggers, the problem seeming to be that the game can’t have two instances of a 2nd player.
    The server handles this perfectly, it’s simply the client’s problems…
    Please fix 🙂

    • Well its not a bug, it was designed for 2,
      Also its a prototype and a server for plugin communication which anybody can write or extend, I also included the source code.

    • Its a standalone, so in Spidermod you’re still on 1.48, but there are some fixes that you can enable from Fix menu that are in unholy edition too

  3. Hey spider sorry to bother you again but i had to re-install windows.
    I just installed flash but i’m still getting the gray screen thingy.

  4. Why are some of the cheats not working? When i try to enable them, they just stay unchecked.
    Ones that work: Obtained Items Reappear (Dice use Fix), Infinite Coins/Bombs, Always get Champion Enemies and Bosses and All the cheats under “Room Cheats”.

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