News – Next version of SpiderMod could have an AS2 plugin support

Today I successful made some tests for plugin support.
as2 function can be overwritten so you can easily overwrite playerhurt function with something like give item and then playerhurt.
so it should open new possibilities for spidermod like ingame huds, new cheats, new isaac functionally (no graphics changes sadly, but graphics can be overdrawn)

So there is a big possibility that next version will support plugins.

SpiderMod 0.9 Released

SpiderMod 0.9 Released

Main features are:

  • Almost everything is seeded.
  • In Game item description (provided by Elucidate)
  • Boss presets for floor editor
  • Fractional HP on hit (hp/maxhp) information.
  • 2 saves!
  • Spawn game objects

Check the Changelog for full info.

Go to Download section and have fun.

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  • Direct Mode for flash rendering which speeds up isaac
  • XBox Controller support with vibration feedback
  • Cheats Support and a big default cheat list is available with the mod (thanks to cannon for some of the cheats that was originally made for Cheat Engine)
  • Give Items/Trinkets/Cards without any necesities like leaving the rooms or restarting
  • Edit pills in rotation
  • Edit stats
  • Add items and trinkets on startup
  • Edit item pools
  • Edit floors
  • Set player color
  • Seeded random which gives ability to repeat the same run or share a run with somebody
  • Create and share challenge runs
  • Record Gifs and take screenshots with current item list
  • Teleport to rooms and floors
  • Many optional fixes for isaac
  • Map generator is now ported to C++ which generates the map instantly and doesn’t create any white or pink glitches anymore
  • Show Damage and Health Bar on Ememy Hit
  • Show Stats
  • Internal ups editor and variable debugger
  • Resizible window
  • Reroll D6, D20 with a shortcut, no need to have the item
  • And other stuff…