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  1. hola gente bueno el mod es muy bueno pero podrian arreglar el tema de que no ande para linux porque se me rompio la pc y me compre una linux, quise descargar el spidermod y no me anda ni con el adobe flash instalado

    • most likely not. however, upon opening the BOI in steam (assuming you have it on steam) their is a way to uninstall the ‘eternal edition’ if this doesn’t solve your problem then sorry but i wouldn’t know how to go about this
      PS- you can always reinstall the ‘eternal edition’

      to uninstall the eternal edition click on the BOI DON’T click play but look down to were there will be (hopefully) two sentences along the lines of
      > Wrath of the lamb – and a tick next to it
      >wrath of the lamb eternal edition – and a tick next to it.
      Press/tick the tick next to wrath of the lamb eternal edition then at the bottom of the screen it should saying 1/2 items complete along with a blue downloading bar wait until it stops (the bar) and there you have it no eternal edition for you!

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