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  1. I have installed TBOI spidermod, but when I open it, it only shows a black screen and the file and cheats and others, it doesn’t even want to play
    I really wanna play with this mod, I like it.

    • When You Leave TBOI Spidermod. And Then youll open it again it wont work.

      1.Delete all SPIDERMOD Tboi Files. (in the desk files)

      2.download Spidermod Tboi again.

      3. it works(for me yes)
      if it dosent work it seems i dosent remember something

  2. when i use ur “wine” method for mac it works great and thanks for doing this but only issue is i can get onto the versus because when ever i open the launch server.bat it said file not detected
    do i need a seperate file?

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