778 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. hey
    i’m korean so i can’t speak english well
    i don’t understand why fail download
    just move other page and do not anything

    • 1. Try to update flash player for internet explorer.
      2. Make sure you’ve extracted all files from archive.
      3. Try to run spidermod from other partition than C: (Ex: D:\, or E:\Spidermod)

    • Original Isaac can’t run at 60 fps, its capped at 30. If you have lags in spidermod try to enable window rendering mode (Window -> Set window rendering mode)

  2. I have a problem:
    I want to start the Spidermod but when i want to start it it says: class nit registered
    i have reinstalled the flash player 3 times but its alwasys the same
    please help
    sry for bad english

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