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  1. its me again buyt im speaking for a freind. he opens the game and it starts but it goes what looks like off the screen onto another computer. wewre at school btw

  2. im having a little problem , … i can see the new hero which you add at the last update but its kind a bugged .. and the second problem is I kill the mother and clean all rooms and everything like 10x… but still i have 6/8 champions and i cant see another two … i dont know it is my problem or not so please can you help me …. : ] that picture bellow it will tell you more about my problem

  3. i try to click on it after downloading and it just says new files were created, do you want to archive then. i either do or dont do it and i open the game but it is just either a blank white or black screen. an help?

    • Don’t run it from archive, open the archive and select all files, copy them (CTRL+C) go to some folder and CTRL+V to paste them, then lunch it from that folder.
      Also if you still get white screen install flash for internet explorer

  4. Hello i have a problem. Afer turn off Spidermod displays the message ‘access denied’. I installed flash for internet exploder. Sorry for my english.

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