SpiderMod 0.9 Released

SpiderMod 0.9 Released

Main features are:

  • Almost everything is seeded.
  • In Game item description (provided by Elucidate)
  • Boss presets for floor editor
  • Fractional HP on hit (hp/maxhp) information.
  • 2 saves!
  • Spawn game objects

Check the Changelog for full info.

Go to Download section and have fun.

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  • Direct Mode for flash rendering which speeds up isaac
  • XBox Controller support with vibration feedback
  • Cheats Support and a big default cheat list is available with the mod (thanks to cannon for some of the cheats that was originally made for Cheat Engine)
  • Give Items/Trinkets/Cards without any necesities like leaving the rooms or restarting
  • Edit pills in rotation
  • Edit stats
  • Add items and trinkets on startup
  • Edit item pools
  • Edit floors
  • Set player color
  • Seeded random which gives ability to repeat the same run or share a run with somebody
  • Create and share challenge runs
  • Record Gifs and take screenshots with current item list
  • Teleport to rooms and floors
  • Many optional fixes for isaac
  • Map generator is now ported to C++ which generates the map instantly and doesn’t create any white or pink glitches anymore
  • Show Damage and Health Bar on Ememy Hit
  • Show Stats
  • Internal ups editor and variable debugger
  • Resizible window
  • Reroll D6, D20 with a shortcut, no need to have the item
  • And other stuff…