32 thoughts on “All Items in all pools .xml

  1. I can’t seem to run this, even after I update Flash, all I get is a gray screen after “Loading…”, and I can’t seem to enable the 2nd Save. I’m running Win 8, if it’s connected at all (tried running it in Win 7 Compatibility mode, didn’t work either)

  2. When i select file and click open, item pool still remains empty. I do everything like in the instructions. internals, item pool, select from file. i select from file, nothing happens. does this file should show all the items in item pool like when i choose one of 10 preset pools?

    • yes, except if you make it as a challenge run and load it it will apply the pools on each restart (If I remember correctly challenge file contains the pools also)

  3. Omg thank you so much for posting this ive been looking for ages and didnt really fancy adding them all one by one =3

  4. I cannot change the item pools too, but my problem is a little different. When I go to the “internals” menu and click in “Item Pools Editor”, nothing happen at all. Its like i didn’t click this option. What am I doing wrong?

  5. I cannot change the item pools. Whenever i go into the menu press load from file and select the file no items pop up and the run is unchanged. Am I missing something?

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