SpiderMod source code and project



Sadly I didn’t found the amount of time I needed to finish the stuff I was planning for SpiderMod.
Currently working on modding support for Afterbirth+.
So I decide to release to project in the state it’s now.
Some warning: The code is ugly as it was written in free time and was more feature targeted than code beauty and sharing.

So feel free to do whatever you want to do with it but keep a credit somewhere if you’ll do some derivative work.

Thanks for all the support guys.
Have fun 🙂




The project is made in Rad Studio XE4

Bonus: tasklist and unfinished stuff: http://pastebin.com/gLsDsE7M

Survival mode 1.5 update

Updated survival mode:

  • Made that floor blood clear is now 100% and after each 5 waves even if last wave is hit
  • Fixed Trinket pool items removal
  • Duplicated treasure pool into devil pool
  • Fixed the issue when you can change the room at the start of the game
  • Fixed counters not beeing reset when selecting a new character
  • Decreased coin drops after wave 88
  • Added liniar rate decrease for heart drops till wave 88
  • Rebalanced drops


Survival mode 1.4 update

Updated survival mode:

  • Bloat/Peep eyes now have a hack to remove the other eyes if there will spawn another one.
  • Holy water now respawns
  • Fixed altbosses forever.
  • Fixed infinite drops
  • Added alternative wave display that will increase infinitely also info about the spawned enemies kills (not their minions)
  • Removed special items (hope this was the crash cause)
  • Added new mechanics for consumable drops
  • Removed bloody penny to avoid exploiting the coin drops


Survival mode 1.3.1 update

Updated survival mode:

  • Fixed miniboss/boss drops
  • Fixed secret room bomb out
  • Added coins as drops
  • Added shop items
  • Changed the new wave start to bomb key
  • Removed the glitched hopper-trite
  • Some bug fixes
  • You can die now with respawn items
  • Added wave display
  • Merged item pools + miniboss drops with reset when there are less than 5 in the pool


  • Removed some unnecessary items from pool
  • Fixed pool merge
  • Fixed explosive diarrhea
  • Fixed time ticking when in picking mode
  • Added trinket and cards to spawn
  • Fixed unlocking doors with keys
  • Some more door fixes


Survival mode 1.1 update

Updated survival mode:

  • You cannot longer leave the rooms
  • Cards and trinket drops should not include the teleport and unuseful cards
  • Cards/trinkets/pills are removed after 30 sec of staying on the floor
  • Fixed music glitch when muted
  • Removed cursed skull from trinkets
  • Fixed drops spawning on paused game