Survival mode 1.3.1 update

Updated survival mode:

  • Fixed miniboss/boss drops
  • Fixed secret room bomb out
  • Added coins as drops
  • Added shop items
  • Changed the new wave start to bomb key
  • Removed the glitched hopper-trite
  • Some bug fixes
  • You can die now with respawn items
  • Added wave display
  • Merged item pools + miniboss drops with reset when there are less than 5 in the pool


  • Removed some unnecessary items from pool
  • Fixed pool merge
  • Fixed explosive diarrhea
  • Fixed time ticking when in picking mode
  • Added trinket and cards to spawn
  • Fixed unlocking doors with keys
  • Some more door fixes


News – Next version of SpiderMod could have an AS2 plugin support

Today I successful made some tests for plugin support.
as2 function can be overwritten so you can easily overwrite playerhurt function with something like give item and then playerhurt.
so it should open new possibilities for spidermod like ingame huds, new cheats, new isaac functionally (no graphics changes sadly, but graphics can be overdrawn)

So there is a big possibility that next version will support plugins.